It’s a baby blog?

I’ve long since wanted planetkris to be a blog. I’ve had my hands full with for the longest time, and that has been a manumatic process for the last 2 years.
I’m such a die-hard HTML person. Up until this point I’ve hated every program that “creates” HTML. Notepad forever!

So, Movable Type is the new wave – next thing. Time to learn CSS and XML :)
– Kris

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Hardware hacker, technology integrator, and maker. He enjoys staring blankly at code, voiding the warranty, and touching things in the back. When not doing that he is building and racing a rally car.

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01 2004

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    A quick test of the comments.

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    I like cheese!

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    I just figured out how DIV CLASS works. I get the style sheets. Won’t be long now!

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    Totally hot! Yeah, once you get the hang of it, everything just flows right along. The best way to import old entries is to save every single entry as Draft, then go back, backwards modify the dates, and save as Publish.

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    Inert Ramblings

    Kris is trying to figure out trackbacks…

    It seems that Kris is still trying to figure out trackbacks. Maybe this will rattle his brain….

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    Inert Ramblings

    A Fistful of CSS Quickies

    Not only have I been converted over to the anti-tables camp, but I’m finally starting to learn advanced CSS layout techniques. If you still need proof that CSS is the fast track to more organized Web development, check out the…

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