New England halftime.

I have 2 comments to make about the Super Bowl:

1. The thought of millions of PVR owners – going back and forth over the halftime show. Like a goddamn Zapruder film. Back… and to the left. Wait for it! Wait for the boob. Does America have anything better to talk about? Apparently not

TiVo: Jackson stunt most replayed moment ever

2. I enjoyed the game and I’m glad they won. Had they lost – I would not want to go to work in Boston this morning.

Violence mars celebrations as fans cheer Super Bowl win.
Being a Boston sports fan.

– Kris

1 thought on “New England halftime.

  1. Mayor Thomas M. Menino has blamed newly permitted Sunday liquor sales for helping to fuel post-Super Bowl riots in student areas, saying that young people were “able to run to the store when they ran out of beverage and stock up.”

    Are you shitting me? That’s like blaming the chrome dog on the front of the Mac Truck for the accident.

    – Kris

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