Right brain activity.

Christine tells me on a regular basis how much of a renaissance man I am. I realize I haven’t produced any work for a while. This conversation started shortly after going to the MFA’s open house a couple of weeks ago.

Last week while I was cleaning – I organized (found) my old acrylic panting supplies. I need to get some more paint and brushes bad. I was able to sketch and color a quick still-life.

The inspiration came on suddenly, and I think I enjoy painting a lot more now that I’m a little older. This also reminded me of some Steely Dan lyrics:

Who makes the traffic interesting

Rescues a dreary Sunday

Who makes me feel like painting again

Honey it’s you – Janie Runaway

– Kris

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    Site looks good :)

    …except.. if I see your winamp playlist without direct links to the files there will be pain. :)

  2. 2

    ~cool song you don’t own.mp3
    ~too bad _NO_1 cares.mp3

    Yeah – It’s a blog. There’s no need for an XML syndicate on how cool I am.
    – Kris

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