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taurus.gifI’m not a real proponent of astrology. A system of symbols and logic developed when we only knew about 7 planets. Believing in it today is like believing in the great turtle that carries the Earth on it’s back. It’s fun to wonder, but with it’s vague predictions of the past, present, and future – one has to realize that it’s more of a window to ourselves, and our desires, then the actual prediction of events in our lives.

So, am I stubborn? Yes. Does the prediction that, I will be a strong group leader, always faithful, and passionate about my work, hold true? I would like to think so. Do I think that spelling my name with a K makes me unique? Yes. So, if I think these things – Am I changing conformity with will? Is this my own will or the written book of the universe?

We hear what we want to hear. Astrology tricks us into thinking about our strengths, and working on our shortcomings because people believe that we have little control anyway. I often try to please everyone. Is this a sign of stubbornness? If I was stubborn – wouldn’t I just want to do it MY way?

Last night I went to pay my cable bill. I drove to the payment center. I had the bill with me, and my checkbook. I was in a hurry, glanced at the bill, and decided that it was not the correct bill because the amount I owed must have been wrong. (I thought I owed more) So I called up Andrew to try and get the correct bill amount while I rooted around looking for a pen to write the check. I couldn’t find a pen, and Andrew couldn’t find the latest bill. (because I already had it) Frustrated I decided to continue on with the huge list of things I had to get done. I left the cable company without paying the bill. So was I being lazy about getting the bill payed? Was I being stubborn about getting everything done in one night? I need to take more time with rush decisions. Had I just looked at the bills date, or gone into the trunk where I had a number of pens – I wouldn’t have to go back there today. Is this because I was born in April?

Then this morning I was in a hurry, and made a careful decision to be prepared for a meeting that I was having at work. It almost caused me to be late – but I would not have had a successful meeting without those notes. Basically the same set of circumstances, only the first time I didn’t think through it, and the second time I did.

I think it’s just me. I can be stubborn, forgetful, lazy, and stupid. I can be kind, patient, caring, and thoughtful. You choose your own path.

– Kris

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  1. Carrie Singer #

    As far as devloping astrology way back when we knew of only seven planets, didn’t we discover another planet only after we put a man on the moon and others in a space station?

    The sophistication of expression bears no relationship to the truth it bears. As Gallileo said to a friend, after recanting his theories, “The earth moves on.”

    In fact, wasn’t the mathmatical multiplication method of the ancient Egyptians actually binary form? Shows what you can do with no TV, working for the Lord(the Pharoah).

    BTW, Kris is a very common name in California, reserved for those who refuse to dot their letters i with dots or hearts, or for former wives of Bob Kardashian. If you want to be truly unique, may I suggest, as a Californian, the spelling Kryc, a nice planetary name.

    Carrie the Oracle

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