Shocks and a ride to the airport.

Two things lead to the demise of my weekend. I’m very big on the causality of events. Tracing decisions a few pages back, like a “Choose your own adventure” book. Oh, if I had run from the dragon on page 86 I would have found the princess in Ankh-Morpork. Then if I had drank the potion over on 114. I would have found the gold on page 32.

James and I gathered the stuff required to put a 3″ lift in da’Jeep. We picked up the compressor from Sean, bought new U bolts from AutoZone, and parked the Jeep inside the garage. We had all the right tools – or at least enough options to make anything work. Including cutting and burning one of the rear leaf bushings out.

Christine was coming back from Snow Carolina on Sunday. The poor thing has a cold. She did her UNC interviews with a frog voice and a runny nose. I know she was tired of traveling after being delayed on Thursday and having it snow on Friday.

James had tried his best to determine what parts he needed for the kit. Someone had told him with confidence that he didn’t need shocks. We needed shocks. You always find out this information on a Sunday after everything is closed. He may have to special order them anyway.

Christine called me from Logan. Her ride had not shown up for an hour. Several calls to the girl that was supposed to pick her up yielded no results. At 2:00 I headed out to Boston from Bedford, NH. 115 miles later we were back where we started from.

If you want to run from the dragon, turn to page 102.
If you want to attempt to slay the dragon, turn to page 35.

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