Frontier Land.

wifiI had to pull the laptop out in order to reset a “check engine” code on ze’Neon. It turned out to be “IAT Circuit High.” (Intake air temp high in English.) This was not too worrisome, considering we spent the afternoon puttering around Jersey traffic.

I stepped inside Christine’s parents’ suburban home and grabbed my wifi adapter “for the hell of it.” I restarted the network browser. WOAH! 6 Networks popped up. I stepped out the front door onto the driveway. *refresh* 12 more networks popped up. LinkSys, LinkSys, LinkSys, LinkSys, etc, etc. Only two were encrypted. Oh well, 10 more to choose from. :)

Now I’m sitting in the Kitchen writing this. I’m on a Comcast network. They have a LinkSys wireless router with firewall. Now the firewall is protecting… me. This is an amazing time for the wireless Internet. I can walk up and down main street like a gunslinger, with my wifi adapter and trusty laptop at my side.

As part of the cross country trip, we’ll be blogging it. I’m waiting to pick up a modem cable for my Motorola phone. I have a feeling though, the only thing we’ll need is this ‘here wifi adapter. YeeHAW!