Smilies & Emoticons

Hey :D – How :cool: is this? :confused: I know, I know. Well me too! :mad: It’s not every day you figure this stuff out :rolleyes: . Matter of fact it was a breeze. :p Maybe not THAT easy. ;) Any :monkey: could do it. :( Is that what I’m saying? :o Yikes! :eek: The directions were pretty clear. :huh: I had to rebuild a few templates. :lol: Are YOU laughing at me? :finger: Take that!

heh – :)

2 thoughts on “Smilies & Emoticons

  1. Hey you! I was just reading an old email today where you used a lot of emoticons and mentioned how you were a visual person and that’s why you used so many. What an appropriate update to see later on in the day. : )

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