Song list explained.

I thought it was pretty clear cut. :)

You’ve got a “Working Man”, but there is a “Communication Breakdown.” Then they are let down, or “Let you down.” So now all I have is a “Home Life.” Ahh, so you were a “working man”, but now you’re home all the time. There was a “breakdown” so I was laid off. “The move” and “going to California” are pretty clear. I’m moo-ving to Cali-forn-ya. Plus I had to throw the Beasties in there somehow.

I’ve sort of had to be tight lipped for the last couple of months. I wasn’t sure my old company wasn’t going to try and screw me over. Plus I found out that they like to read employees websites. “Hi guys!” I was the last guy in and they apparently needed to downsize. Plus my work has a habit of not showing up good for the numbers game.*

* Jane closed 15 calls, John closed 5. Bad John, bad! Not looking at the fact that John had to rebuild 3 machines, solve 1 common problem and one major one. Jane reset 12 passwords, 2 routers, and 1 common problem. John did 7 hours of work and Jane did 7 minutes of work. Woot!

Now that I know this, I’m glad I failed to mention on any of my websites that I was considering a move to California this August. I’m sure that would have been fired on the spot. :eek:

Tine & Kris in TexasSo, what’s this? Okay, my girl Christine (ubersmart molecular biologist) has accepted a grad school position at the University of California, Irvine in Cali.

She warned me that I might have to follow her across the country depending on where she got accepted. I also knew that she really wanted to study for a few years in California. So, we “kept it real” during the first months of our relationship. Either of us could walk if we felt like this wasn’t going to be the “right thing.”

Well, nine months with Christine have turned out to be very much of a right thing. I love a lot about her, especially her drive. A drive to better herself and get everything she wants out of life. I don’t see this that often in women. I love that she’s dragging me around as much as I’m dragging her in every possible direction. Truly a constant adventure. Here’s a picture of us on our way to Mexico. Right after we snuck onto a Hotel shuttle in order to get out of a $25 cab ride to the airport. :p

So, I’m broke. I’m eating ramen, and singing this song. I had a problem with NH and MA unemployment that I’m not even going to go into. I will survive. Bank North is my favorite phone buddy.

Having been through a downward trend in my life before. No. Wait. I don’t think having your wife leave you for one of the guys in the Subaru club (that you started) while at a rally that you want to someday compete in, six months after you were laid off, is a fucking downward trend. No, what I have here is an opportunity compared to that cluster.

So I’m going to try to eliminate some debt by selling my Subaru. Keep the rallycar in storage. Sell some stuff on Ebay. Hit the flea markets. My lease ends in July.

The next adventure awaits…

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