Planning for the trip. A prelude.

road_trip_usa.gifIs this a great graphic or what? I can hear this jingle in my head that sounds like a 50’s TV ad. “RoAd TriP, You ESS AEEE!!” That’s when I knew it would work. When the psychotic jingle popped into my head. “Let’s go! Let’s GO! Get packed! Get PACKED! It’s TIME for RoAd TriPp, U! S! A!” *aherm

Christine and I have been packing stuff into boxes for the last few days. The logistics have been worked out. I have to separate stuff into essentially three piles. (A. Moving to California.), (B. Moving to storage.), (C. Trash, burn, or ebay.) The speed of which I do this will pick up as we get closer to July.

I pulled out the camping gear and cleaned off the bugs from the flatware. ;) I’m starting to make a list of stuff that we will need in the car. The exciting part for me will be trying to cram 100 pounds of electric / computer / radio gear into a 2000 Chevy Malibu. The short list of cool gadgets to have: Digital Camera, Digital Video, CB, FRS, Scanner, WiFi, GPS, probably 2 laptops :D , MP3, USB to Motorola v120 Phone, USB Hanspring data cable, Power inverter, Phone chargers, etc. This will allow us to not only thwart an alien attack, but blog across the US.

So, those of you living vicariously through me :o , or mildly interested in a planetkris road trip – we’ll be leaving towards the end of August. We’ll be blogging the whole way. Pictures, bad hotels, places we hold up, you’ll get it all! Watch for the graphic! “RoAd TRIP, you ess AAEEEE!”

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