Up and down.

Thunderstorms brought me a new IP last night. I was almost 100% sure that it was because I haven’t paid the cable bill. I have all the domains listed at everydns.net and changing the IP took no time at all. Plus the minute I finished the update – we were back on line. I say “we” because 3 of us use my server for blogs. I’ll bother setting up dynamic IP when we’re in Irvine.

The server will be moving again. Probably this weekend. So don’t be shocked if it’s up and down.

We had a good time in New Jersey for the long weekend. Christine showed me what the jersey shore looked like. I’ve never been out on an actual boardwalk. We had a good mileage test of the rallycar and made it home in the rain without too much drama.

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    Yeah, Everydns.net rocks…

    oh wait, maybe I’m biased.


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