A scientific curiosity.

ice spikeI pulled my ice cube tray out the other night and found something strange. One of the cubes had grown a spike! I thought – “Okay, I can explain this…” I looked inside the freezer to see where water was dripping from the ceiling of the box. I found none. This is your garden variety GE refrigerator. With self defrost. You know – one of the ones that doesn’t drip, or leak.

So my next guess is that the air bubble that got trapped inside the cube burst. forcing the water / ice slowly upward. It looks like it was flash frozen though. Very curious.

I also think this could be one of those quantum mechanical moments. 1,000 ice cube trays – 1,000 freezers – 1,000 years = one of them goes haywire. If there are any science nuts out there that would like to take a crack at it – please enlighten me.

Update: Igg found a great article on Ice Spikes done by Kenneth Libbrecht researching ice crystals at Caltech. Upon further investigation it seems that conditions in my freezer had to be just right and the fact that they formed using tap water is even more amazing. I was happy however to discover that my scientific guess on why this happened was on the money.

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