All was lead to burnination.

pq-trogdor.gifI was up in Maine setting up the server and dropping off some stuff. My brothers and I were laughing about one of the latest shorts from They are planning the release of a new game called Peasant’s Quest. It looks hilarious! Towards the end of the trailer they include the original “tune” from the Trogdor game. “I want that as a ringtone!” One of us said. Korey challenged me to program our Motorola v120’s to play the Trogdor theme music.

After futzing with the interface, Korey told me to press the up or down buttons while in the “Create” mode. It steps you through a scale of notes. A few revisions and a few changes with the note length – here’s what I got!

For my Motorola v120
*3C4 *3C4 *3C3 *3#F2
*3C4 *3C4 *3C3 *3#D2
*3C4 *3C4 *3C3 *3#F3
*3C3 *3#D3 *3C3 *3#C3 *3#D3
“Trogdor the ringtone by Kristopher Marciniak”.

It should only take you a few moments to pump this into your phone. Then you’ll have the coolest ringtone ev4r. At least for a month or two… :D

Update: Click here to see the unofficial Peasant’s Quest guide!

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  1. jen #

    that trogdor ringotone is awesome. i watched the peasants quest thing the other day and have been trying to get it into my phone ever since, i came across your website and youre right, now i have the coolest ring tone ever! thanks for posting it!

  2. 2


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  3. linden #

    i need the trogdor tone for a sony ericsson, someone help please

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