Common Sense for All?

So, this little p0cketb1ke is zooming up and down the street outside Christine’s apartment last night. A busy city street is no place for these things. Don’t take me for some p0ket b1ke hater. I grew up with motorcycles. I’ve even ridden one of these in a closed off parking lot before. On private tracks or closed areas they can be fun – but they need to be taken off the streets.

The cops show up after the kid makes about 100 passes up and down the street. I snap the above picture and watch in horror as he is let go shortly after to continue his car dodging exploits. They are still street legal in MA.

Don’t worry kids – CA, AZ, and other states have banned them. Soon…
(I broke p0ektb1k3 into leet – so I don’t get googled 1.2 bajillion times from kids looking for them.)

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