Maxi iPod

maxi_iPod_1_sm.jpgBiggie size your music! This baby comes with a 120GB disk, it’s underportable, and requires AC to power it at all times. Big music without the big price tag. Build yours today!

Okay – so it’s nothing like the original. How ever much I want an iPod, the price of one verses other geek toys always seems too high. :( Today I bought a DeLorme USB GPS w/Software, a USB-Firewire External Drive Enclosure, a USB powered hub, and a data cable for my cellphone. Even if you include the 120GB drive I bought for $90 you still don’t own a 40GB iPod.

This is a CompUSA 3.5″ Aluminum External Enclosure with a 120GB hard disk popped inside. The sticker was made with bumper sticker sheets printed on my ink-jet printer. Here’s a link to the big image if you want to make one too! :D

1 thought on “Maxi iPod

  1. I can’t believe this thing…it looks “not so big” compared to your hand in the pic, but it really IS friggin’ huge. How many hours of music are we bringing on it for our road trip? :)

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