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dark_tower_kdm.jpgI just finished book four “Wizard and Glass” and I’m heading onto “Wolves of the Calla.” Christine graciously reserved it for me at the library.

“Wizard and Glass” was a great read. I’m almost sorry I didn’t read it sooner. Almost. Based on some of the opinions over at thedarktower.net, I think I understood it’s place in the series better then most. I really enjoyed it.

Last time, I mentioned that I read books one through three while listening to “Nirvana – Nevermind.” Well, with this book I stumbled upon another album that seemed to go quite well with what was going on. “The Future Sound of London – Dead Cities.” It’s got a industrial zip-zap western feel. :) One minute you think you hear the sound of the thinny, the next you are riding into town with your Ka-tet. With tracks like “Heard Killing” and “My Kingdom,” I’m instantly transported under the kissing moon in Mejis. “We Have Explosive” fits perfectly here as well. :D

I hope Christine has some time to read the first few books and catch up with Ray and I. I’ve added a handful of “Dark Tower’isms” to my vocabulary and I don’t want to give away anything she hasn’t read. Mmmm. This tooter-fish popkin tastes great!

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    I didn’t have time to each lunch today…and I was very much looking forward to my popkin…
    : )

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