Road Trip USA out of Alpha.

Location: Route 495, Massachusetts
Miles traveled: 10
Cost of gas: $2.05 / gal
Weather: hot / muggy
Mood: pleased
Tunes: Robert Plant – Now and Zen

< !Start right after THIS!>We are headed to Maine this weekend, for the Maine Forest Rally. I loaded up the Subaru with the gear that we would be using to cross the country. After several minutes of setting wires, switches, and cable ties, I booted up the laptop. I had to re-locate the GPS once (more towards the center of the rear window) and play with the sequence of “startup” and “shutdown.” Once the GPS was tracking, the USB hard drive spinning, and the WiFi adapter beeping, I was ready to give her a full test.

Started up Street Atlas USA 2004. Started up WinAmp. Connected to the Internet over WiFi. “Lift off!” We are now in Beta! Testing should continue this weekend. I hopefully will get some Maine pictures posted to I’m curious to wardrive rural Rumford, Maine. :D

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