Silly DeLorean

Silly DeLoreanToday on Route 93 in Manchester I spied a DeLorean heading North. I find this car silly for a few reasons. Now don’t get me wrong – it is a cool car and I could probably repeat pages 1 through 156 of the “Back to the Future” script. But it’s 2900 pounds of irreplaceable body panels. The “good” motor has 190HP. It sticks out more then my rallycar on the highway and you probably shouldn’t drive it in the rain. All good reasons to make it a daily driver.

Heh – well I’m a bit of an attention whore myself. So, why not?!

2 thoughts on “Silly DeLorean

  1. What was his plate? I constantly used to see two in Boston rush hour traffic on 93/128 with license plates something along the lines of XOTIC and BCKNTM.

  2. If you take a look at the linked pic, it looks like a Veteran MA plate.
    I’ve seen XOTIC on 93 before and thought to myself – No, a Diablo is exotic, not a DeLorean. You can pick up a clean example for about $20,000. Good luck finding a clean, drivable, Lamborghini for under 20K.

    – Kris

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