Onto old 66.

Location: Bloomington, IL
Miles traveled: ask the co-driver
Cost of gas: $1.85 / gal
Weather: awesome
Mood: beat
Tunes: Lipps, Inc. – Funkytown

< !Start right after THIS!>I was going to back date post – but I don’t think that’s fair. Oh, and I’m tired and want sleep. We hit Cedar Point in OH. We hit Chicago, IL. Took a double decker bus tour of the city and had an awesome time.

Some technical bugs to work out with the intar-web. But I’m happy to have a high speed connection here at the Kw’ality Inn in Bloomington. I made sure to upload the ton of pictures we took so far. Lots of stories to be told.

If you’re not in “the know” – we are sending out internet postcards of our trip to friends and family. Check them out here.

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