PA in the bag…

Location: Sandusky, OH
Miles traveled: 505
Cost of gas: $1.93 / gal
Weather: rainy / shitty
Mood: tired
Tunes: Huey Lewis and the News

< !Start right after THIS!>Streetsborough. What kind of town name is that? Like naming your son “Guy.” We got burned a little for gas in PA. We were hoping to continue on a $1.81 trend. We stopped on exit 15 on I-80 in PA and got raked for $1.93. Into Ohio gas dropped to $1.77. Enough about gas and the republican economy.

We stopped in Dillsburg to see some old friends from the Subaru club. Our friends are named Chris and Christine. Kris, Christine, Chris, and Christine. Our dilemma was solved somewhat by calling Chris’s wife Doctor (as she has her MD) and me “Kay-ris”. This won’t work anymore once my Christine gets her PhD. “Doctor? Doctor.”

On our way through Ohio we got caught in some showers. The sun broke through after a little while. More from Cedar Point later…

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