Peasant’s Quest Unofficial Guide!

ARROWED!Hey there Trogdor kiddies! Having problems with the Kerrek? Don’t know what to do with the baby? We’re here to help. With info and tips for the ‘Peasant’s Quest Game’. First get your ‘ Unofficial Peasant’s Quest Map’ here. There are a lot of items in Peasantry, and I’m sure we haven’t found them all. At least not all the easter eggs. If you find one that’s not listed – please contact us!

Click here for the entire walk through.

To-Do List: In order of completion (last updated 8/11/2004)
CAUTION – SPOILERS! – Read down only to where you are stuck! unofficial peasants quest map
Map of Peasantry: Inside the remains of your burninated thatched roof cottage, you will find a map of Peasentry. This is a useful “in game” map.

Baby Lady: In location 19 you will find a nice lady with a baby. She will tell you how the Jhonka stole her riches. Grab some chicken feed from the shelves. When you leave she will tell you of a trinket lost in her yard. Search the four berry bushes. You’ll find it in the last one.

Gone Fishing: When you go to the Inn at location 15, you will see that the Inn keeper is the one out fishing in location 14. Help him to catch a big one by throwing the chicken feed into the lake. He will then return to open the Inn. But he won’t let you sleep there until you look like a real peasnty.

The Well: The well you find in location 3 needs some weight to make it work. You can find pebbles in location 13 that will do the trick. The baby also works, later in the game. On your way back to the well don’t forget to talk to the archer Mendelev. Once you bring the bucket back up you will find a scary mask with an obvious purpose.

The Horse: You may have tried to kick the horse, but that doesn’t work. Once he’s scared into breaking down the fence, you will get a special area off of location 1. Use the greeting “Haldo!” to get Dongolev to resume work at the range. Don’t forget to grab an arrow from the tree.

Archer Brothers: The brothers Mendelev and Dongolev need a special trinket in order to play the archery game. Give them the trinket you found at area 19. You will need three good shots in order to win. Watch the orange flag to see which way the wind is blowing. We have found you don’t need to move too far left or right. Most important is to hit the space-bar right on the red line, on its way up and down.

Kerrek Gets Arrowed: Find the Kerrek in location 2 or 18. Line up a good shot or you may get pounded. More arrows can be found in the area off location 1. Don’t forget to grab his smelly belt buckle, so you’ll stink like a real peasant. It will begin to rain.

Jhonka Riches: Now that the Kerrek is gone, the Jhonka will be outside with his riches (location 11). You need those riches! But first, you’ll need to take a good roll in the mud. You heard us, get in the mud located in area 7. Then the hay (location 6) will stick to you. As a pile of hay, stroll on down to the Jhonka, and grab those riches! He will ask you an obvious question once you’ve taken them. “What gold?”

Sneaky Lady: Return to location 19 and give the riches to the lady. It turns out she has told you a false tale and leaves you with nothing but a baby!

Baby Stuff: We found the baby to be the most usefull item in the game. Start by showing him to the nice old man at the Inn. (location 15) Here you grab some pills. Drop the baby down the well to get a meatball sub. Yeah… We said the baby… down the well. :D Throw the baby into the lake in area 13 for a bottle of soda. There is only a small place at the top left corner of the lake where this will work. Keep trying! Then the final use for the baby will be at the cottage with no doorknob in area 16. Pull some of the stonework down to reveal a baby sized hole. Set the little guy going to open the cottage.

Cottage Robes: In the drawer you’ll find robes like grampa used to wear. Gain extra points for closing up after you’re done. Head back to the Inn. (location 15)

Inn the Pantry: Now that you look like a peasant, stay the night. Once its dark the pantry will be open to you. Find the flammable substance inside. It may be hard to get out of there in the dark.

Torchlighting: If you found the torch in area 20, you’ll know that the knight lights it in the evening. Walk underneath to start burninating. Now you smell, dress, and are on fire like a peasant! Head to the knight in location 10.

Three Questions – Three Items: Once at the top of the mountain you will need the meatball sub to get the TrogShield, the soda to get the TrogHelmet, and the pills to get the TrogSword. Or you will need to answer some questions about Peasantry. Step inside to battle Trogdor!

Easter Eggs & Hidden Stuff:

Naked Ned: I got a tip that the guy by the wavy tree is named Ned. I talked to Ned. He responded, but told me not to speak to anyone about our conversation. Even though it wasn’t much of a conversation.

Bounding Box Glitch: An anonymous tip was sent in about an area above where you meet Dongolev. After you say “Haldo!” to him. Dongolev will leave and you can go North on the inside of the fence. This leads you inside of the baby lady’s cottage! Where you will be able to walk anywhere all around, unless you go near where the doorway is, or pick up the chicken feed. If you expand your browser you can go all the way out. I’m not sure if there is anything else you can do here, but I’m working on it.

Good Link: More can be found at the Homestarrunner Wiki.

Hope you had fun! We did! – Kris & Christine.
Following this guide, you should be able to get 150 out of 150 points… and we still don’t know what to do with the naked guy in location 17. :p

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    Sun Moon Stars Girl


    “You are….Rather Dashing….a peasent wearing short pants…” – Yeah, I could repeat the whole thing for you, but I’m not going to. Kris and I just finished an exciting evening filled with Peasent’s Quest – the newest game from the…

  2. 2

    Hey go to the guy and say talk to ned

  3. AskGm069 #

    I can’t throw the baby in the lake. It just tells me to throw it in the center of the lake where it’s deeper.

  4. 4

    Well, I talked to Ned… He didn’t say much besides not speaking about our conversation. Even though we didn’t have much of a conversation.

    As far as the baby in lake: You’ll need to try a bunch of places and keep trying. It’s towards the top left of the lake in area 13.

    – Kris

  5. 5

    I can’t figure out how to get the stones off the house in area 16. What command do you use?

  6. Rather Not #

    Has anyone else encountered the BUG in PQ?

    When you get the horse to break the fence and go to the screen with Dongolev (i.e. the arrow guy. You can go NORTH if you go around the fence and you end up warped into an area AROUND Baby Lady’s house. You can walk off the screen and stuff, pretty cool, and when you try yo walk into the house you get the ‘this place is dead anyway’ bubble and are warped to the outside of baby lady’s house. All I can say is check it out.

  7. pie #

    how do i scare the horse? i got the mask but it’s not in my inventory…

  8. pie #

    how do i scare the horse? i got the mask but it’s not in my inventory…

  9. Andrew #

    Whenever I try to throwr the chicken feed into the lake, the old man tells me it isn’t going to work for bait and I cant.

  10. Andrew #

    Yay! I found a glich, quite like the one in baby lady’s house. If you go to map 11 and go all the way to the left at the bottom of the screen, you will go through the fence and end up inside the Inn, even if the old man is still out fishing.

  11. Andrew #

    Okay, here us the one and only reason for naked ned in the game. The old man says you cant stay in the Inn until you have robes. If you ask him where to get robes, he will say get them from someone who isn’t using his. Ned’s cottage is the one you break into, and he obviously isn’t using his robes, so there you go.

  12. Dan #

    If you try to take the bone or skull located outside of Trogdor’s cave, it says “Eww. No. Grody. You’re grody. No. Eww.” It does this as well after trying to take the skeleton inside the cave.

    Also, I you try to take the arrow out of the Kerrek’s body, the game says it is covered with kerrek cooties or something to that extent and won’t let you.

    And i’m sure we’ve all tried taking an arrow from the range.

  13. Mullet #

    How the heck do u not get burninated by trogdor when you enter the cave?¿ I need help.

    P.S. Nice site.

  14. anonymous #

    how do u scare the horse? seriously

  15. Alex #

    What do you type to get the bucket to the top again its buggin me

  16. Alex #

    What do you type to get the bucket to the top again its buggin me

  17. ize #

    type “use crank”

  18. need help #

    how do i get the hay to stick to me. I can’t figure out what command to use

  19. need help #

    I’ve already got mud on me.

  20. Samuel #

    I threw the sword at trogdor…he burninated me with all his might…(whimper…)

  21. ize #

    say hide in hay

  22. Dylan #

    say talk dragon after you hit him with the sword

  23. steve #

    how do u scare the horse with the mask


    i can only get 140 points. I followed the walkthrough exactly and i still can’t get 150.

  25. bla bla bla #

    How do I throw the pebbles in the basket?

    It keeps saying me “then it’d be tough to get them back. You never go ANYwhere without your rocks” when I type “throw rocks/pebbles in well”

  26. 26

    Bla bla,

    You answered your own question.
    Try them in the bucket… Not the well.
    – Kris

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