Techno at the Olympics

I made an effort to watch the Olympics this year. Tine is more of an Olympic fanatic – if only for the men moving fast in tight pants. :p

During the night (the parts that I caught) I noticed more techno was being played for the opening. Christine said that she thought she heard a tune that sounded like one I had just recently been playing in the car. The only CD I have in the Subaru is “The Future Sound of London – Dead Cities.” She is almost certain that “We Have Explosive” was played during the parade of nations. If that was the case – what an ‘interesting’ song choice. “… and now the team from Iraq makes it’s way into the stadium – WE HAVE – WE HAVE – WE HAVE EXPLOSIVE!” Christine said that they didn’t play any of the words. Thank goodness. :)

During one of the NBC Olympic Preview spots (where they highlight an athlete and his or her past performances) I heard a track from “Apollo Four Forty – Dude Descending A Staircase” I think it was “Electronic Civil Disobedience.” What’s great is I heard a lot more then just the ‘token techno sports songs’ in these spots.

I learned today that DJ Tiesto was spinning the mix at the opening ceremony! Also, Bjork sang in one of the only vocal spots during the opening. It took me a while, but I was able to get a hold of the Tiesto Olympic set list. Thanks to the kids over at

Today while watching swimming I heard “Darude – Sandstorm.” This overplayed tune is in my ‘token techno sports songs’ category, but it’s still techno.

Tiesto @ Olympic Opening Ceremony 13-08-2004

01. Tiesto – Heroes

02. Tiesto – Dallas 4PM (Tiesto 2004 Mix)

03. Tiesto – Slice

04. Tiesto – Traffic

05. ID

06. Tiesto – Alibinoni

07. ID

08. Tiesto – Lethal Industry

09. Tiesto – Theme From Norefjell (Tiesto 2004 Mix)

10. Tiesto vs. Junkie XL – Obsession

11. Tiesto – Love comes again (instrumental version)

12. Tiesto vs. Josh Gabriel ft. Kirsty Hawkshaw – Walking On Clouds (Instrumental Mix)

13. Tiesto – Nyana

14. Tiesto – Flight 643

15. Tiesto – In My Memory (Airwave remix remix)

16. Tiesto – Forever Today

17. Tiesto – Barbers Adagio For Strings (Tiesto Remake)

18. ID

1 thought on “Techno at the Olympics

  1. Hah! Awesome. I also read an article about Tiesto playing the opening ceremonies and that he had to put extra effort into making sure that he didn’t play any vocal tracks. I didn’t see that Bjork sang; very cool.

    Darude tends to stay firmly planted in my stacks of records unless I want to get a good laugh from my friends listening. The track certainly brings a smile though…

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