We begin.

Location: Scotch Plains, NJ
Miles traveled: 263
Cost of gas: $1.79 / gal
Weather: sunny / cool
Mood: nervous
Tunes: Prodigy

< !Start right after THIS!>The stage is set. We begin. The part we will probably remember the least. I know I will forget packing up the car. I will forget squeezing the plastic trash bins into the trunk of the Neon. I will forget the 10 year old toaster oven left beside the dumpster. I will forget how squeaky the floor on Apsley St. was. I will remember the first time I saw that apartment in August of 2003, but I will forget the dozens of times I drove there from Manchester. Memory is sometimes picky about what you burn in there for life and what you spend all day doing and forget in a month.

Everything is set in motion, including us. Our storage containers are on their way west. The three boxes that wouldn’t fit were sent “parcel post” to return to us in Irvine. Ze’Neon is here in NJ waiting for our arrival on a cold December morning. I’ve never seen a “to-do” list longer then the one in my Palm. We’ve made calls, reservations, plans, checked weather, checked the moon, called back, sent email, and confirmed plans. A going away party Saturday. In the car Sunday morning. The motion is almost perpetual.

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08 2004

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