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I’m quite creative and imaginative at times. The problem is you can never quite tell when it’s going to happen. I’ve gotten used to sitting around waiting for creativity to strike. Sometimes I can induce it with music, or mood, but mostly it comes on it’s own.

The downside is I struggle through things until the magic imagination starts. I’ve worked on things for hours or days, only to tear up what I started and wail down something a hundred times better in about 10 minutes.

Our “Road Trip USA” is putting me on the spot. It’s turned up the heat. Create quality entertaining content while you upload 300 pictures, get gas, find food, oh – and drive across the country! Preview, crop, size, tag, upload, email, publish. I’m getting in the swing of typing posts while on the road. Tine is a lot better at it. I would say that my best work is in the photos. I’m really trying to capture some great shots. About 10% of what I take doesn’t make the cut.

For example: I re-worked Postcard number 7 about 4 times. Then I deleted it and started again. This is tough when you have one night to create and upload.

So I say: “Content shouldn’t matter so much.” We are having the time of our lives. A great adventure. One that I’ll tell stories about forever. Look for more from myself and Christine as we finish up our trip across country. Time for me to get some more sleep.

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  1. Korey #

    Don’t worry about creativity.. You’re on a RoadTrip… not working on a website.

    Stay black and proud :o

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