Cars and driving in Southern Cali.

three_five_six.jpgSothern California is car heaven. All the latest designs are created here, all the greatest cars in the world can be found here. I’ve seen more GT3’s then Boxsters. More 911’s then Cayennes. This is first class “car guy” land, where after eating at Macaroni Grill you can hop into your 1957 Porsche 356 1600 Speedster. No one else semed to notice the piece of iconic motoring history parked off to the side between an 02 Maxima and a AMG Mercedes. I stood paralyzed as I looked at one of the first cars to break the 100MPH barrier in the 50’s. It woudn’t suprise me to discover that it was original and not a kit. It was clean, well worn leather seats, with slightly faded chrome. Not to shabby a car to add to your collection for a mere $70-100K.

After that, the middle-aged guy driving the beat up 80’s Ferrari 308 Quatrovalve did nothing for me. :) I mean – “Get off Miami Vice! Buy a real Ferrari!” At least a 355, or for you sophisticate speed freaks: The Maserati Coupe’ – “Shit, I saw two of those at IKEA…”

And then there’s driving in so-cal. The speed limit is 50 everywhere! Two lane traffic, on coming traffic, non-divided, school zone – FIFTY! I’ve been honked at for going – get this – slow… Yeah, me – Mr. Rally. I’m coasting along at 40, thinking, ‘I’m doing my God given 5 over’ and BEEP! “Oh – the speed limit is WHAT?!” People do drive different out here. It reminds me of Vermont drivers because they are always totally random, but just a bit more aggressive.

Nothing a kid that grew up driving into Boston and a girl from Jersey can’t handle. :)

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