Don’t forget Sedona!

Location: Lake Havasu City, AZ
Miles traveled: 3132
Cost of gas: $1.92 / gal
Weather: stormy
Mood: tired
Tunes: K90

< !Start right after THIS!>Sedona is outstanding. Really beautiful country. We got into town and I started to convince Christine that we needed two days in Sedona. She wasn’t hard to convince. It was just a matter of re-planning the last 5 days of our trip. No camping in the Grand Canyon, maybe pass through Lake Havasu, etc. Less time for this, more time for that…

We came from Flagstaff down 89A. This is quite a driver’s road. You drop about 1000 feet in elevation while winding around the front of the Colorado Plateau. We had no idea the road was going to be like this and Christine was driving at the time. A few hairpins down the road and I was nominated for driving duty again.

We made good time from Four Corners. We had a night booked at The Graham Inn. We arrived at what I thought was 3:00PM. But you see Arizona decided not to do that whole “daylight savings time” thing. So it’s about 7:30 on my watch and the Innkeeper and staff were still around. “Hmm. I remember Brian telling me that parts of AZ don’t do the time change…” I muttered as we looked at a clock that was set to 6:30. “This may be a strange question – but what time is it here??” Turns out that we are now in Californian time. We were looking forward to one more time zone change in Nevada, not expecting it this soon.

notajeep.jpgThe next morning we booked a Pink Jeep tour. What an awesome way to see the lansdcape. We traveled down Diamond Back Gultch, and over to the Paleo-Indian Ruins. We got a much better appreciation for the land and what happened over the last 2000 years. The Pink Jeep is one of the oldest tour companies and is the only way to see that country. Unlike the six people we saw trying to navigate the trail in a minivan, I wouldn’t take the Neon down these roads…

One more relaxing night in Sedona. Star gazing off the deck, enjoying the pool, etc. We’re glad we took a break from our vacation. Wednesday morning we got up, enjoyed breakfast, said goodbye to Sedona, and headed up to thje Grand Canyon. The views are spectacular, but I think there is a lot more to discover here. Christine and I will probably make a trip back to do a tour or camp here.

Down out of the mountains headed for Lake Havasu. A huge storm rolls in. 40+ MPH winds, rain, hail, etc. We make it all the way down to Lake Havasu City on good time. Camping seems out of the question as it’s hot here… Like 106 hot. Now that it’s rained it’s muggy and hot. Like New England on that really bad muggy hot day in August. We have the AC in the hotel cranked.

Thursday, we’re up and headed to Vegas, baby!

1 thought on “Don’t forget Sedona!

  1. “PS – Ask us about Schnebly…”, Christine said…
    In 12 years of visiting relatives out there & exploring “vast” (it’s all “vast” out thar..) parts of AZ, I have yet to drive Schnebly Hill Rd. SO….?
    I’ve heard Sedona is a nice Xmas shopping & gawking destination…it’s a little too touristy to me…try to visit Jerome when you’all come back. (ps. I know the “back way” from Williams to Jerome that travels some Prescott Forest ProRally roads).
    Anyway, sounds like a great trip seeing lots of the great things about US. (didja really miss the “worlds largest ball of twine” in Nebraska…or is it Iowa…? jk)
    BTW, entertaining reading & photo-gawking here on yer sites, too!!

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