I got… Rhythm.

Location: Branson, Missouri
Miles traveled: 1350
Cost of gas: $1.69 / gal
Weather: hilly
Mood: finding our routine
Tunes: Manhattan Transfer

< !Start right after THIS!>Five days out and we are starting to get a rhythm. I pack the trunk, Tine packs the back. I handle the computer stuff, she handles the reservations. We both know what we need to do when we arrive at a destination. We both can function as seperate units working together.

“We’ll get two days in Branson, so we’ll have time to maybe ride the bikes around…” Wrong. I just found out that the Ozarks aren’t flat. Yeah – Imagine my suprise. Out of Chicago on Route “schfifty five” and into the mountians. Branson, MO is like driving in the hills of Worcester, MA. The front of every hotel is two stories and the back is five. I’m sure if I looked, I’d find twenty Buicks down in the gorge. “Have you seen grandma?”

It is a spectacle here. No one is native. The town looks as if aliens dropped it off in the summer of 88. Nothing… Nothing… BAM-Branson! All the shows and food here are cheap and good. Worth a stop. Like a sanitized mini-Vegas. Everthing here is, (2 for 1) including beer. The one strange thing is you are served your two beers at the same time. So before even getting the salad bar I’m two-fisting brew. :)

WiFi TheaterMy USB connection to my phone is messed up and we discovered the difference between a “data jack” and a “real internet connection” here at the hotel. Unless it says: “Complimentary Free High-Speed Internet.” You either have to pay, or it’s a modem line. So last night Tine and I went out on our first wardrive. The area is littered with 10 million Access America hotpots. I have no idea what they cost – as when you connect they immediatly ask for a credit card. When you click on the “How much does this cost?” link it times out. :p After a failed connection at Wal-Mart and the mini-mall across the street, we found a solid open link in front of the Andy Williams Theater. Christine had prepared her posts earlier in the day and I had downloaded and processed the pics from the camera before we went to dinner. A quick upload, check of the email, watch the new Strong Bad, and we left. I’ll use it again tonight to post this and check email before we head out to OK City!

We better get out of here before they learn we’re independent voters and we’re watching the RNP coverage on the Daily Show. ” ‘Bout time this town had a hangin’ ” Yikes…

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