One more roller coaster!

Friday morning we got the hell out of Vegas and planned a stop in Primm, Nevada for one more coaster. Desperado was the worlds tallest coaster back in 96, and is still on the list. The timing worked out perfectly and we were the first riders of the day. It’s a fantastic coaster and quite a rush in the morning. There are no other coasters to work your way up to this one. So, it’s a quick lift hill into a 225 foot drop.

I just looked at the record book and on this trip alone we have hit 3 of the worlds top coasters. Goliath in Magic Mountain is sure to be checked off soon. I always wanted to go to Japan. :)

Roller Coaster Drop Location Year
Top Thrill Dragster 400 feet Cedar Point
Sandusky, Ohio
Steel Dragon 2000 306 feet Nagashima Spaland
Mie, Japan
Millennium Force 300 feet Cedar Point
Sandusky, Ohio
Goliath 255 feet Six Flags Magic Mountain
Valencia, California
Titan 255 feet Six Flags Over Texas
Arlington, Texas
Fujiyama 230 feet Fujikyu Highland Park
Phantom’s Revenge 228 feet Kennywood Park
West Mifflin, Pennsylvania
Desperado 225 feet Buffalo Bill’s Hotel and Casino
Primm, Nevada

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