We end.

Location: Irvine, California
Miles traveled: 3727
Cost of gas: $2.13 / gal
Weather: hot / muggy
Mood: stoked
Tunes: F.Y.C.

< !Start right after THIS!>We arrived in Irvine on Friday. It took us a minute to find the housing office and get keys, but we made it. Our new apartment is fantastic. Two bedrooms, two floors, and a patio with outside storage. It’s not as big as some of the other apartments here, but we love the layout (open kitchen with half wall).

cali_apartment.jpgOn Saturday we went exploring on the bikes. Found the Cyber Cafe, found the laundry, found campus, etc. We picked up some essential items at Trader Joe’s and took a break, as we would need all our energy for when the “Door to Door” storage boxes arrived.

Sunday I get a call at 7:05 AM telling me our stuff is on it’s way. The shipping containers arrive and we finagle some spots up front. The condition of the containers wasn’t too bad. One of the locks got sheared off in shipping and the other container was vandalized with the word “ATOMICK” in silver spraypaint… Whatever that means. The contents of both were intact and dry. We began the slow march inside with box after box. Leaving the heavy stuff and furniture for later when we booked a cart from the Cyber Cafe.

We kept up a good pace. When I got tired I would open boxes while drinking my body weight in Gatorade. When Christine got tired she would start putting stuff away in the kitchen. Once we had the cart, we made quick work of the last container. All of our stuff inside. Time for dinner. We treated ourselves to “The Olive Garden” (Thanks Ray!) and filled up on pasta.

Monday I got a lot of the unpacking and moving done. Now it’s the little things. Finding a place for everything, hanging artwork, setting up the bar, and getting the PS2 hooked up to the intarweb. :D Christine went off to orintation in the morning and starts school right away. (This explains the lack of updates for the last few days.)

So, Road Trip USA is now over. We had a GREAT time crossing the country! We got like 10 things checked off our “lifetime to-do” list. We couldn’t have done it without the huge support from friends and family. This may be the end of one adventure, but my never ending adventure with Christine continues. Now to find a job and get that rallycar of mine out here.

Stay tuned for our next thrilling adventure!

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