We’re not in Kansas anymore.

Location: OK City, Oklahoma
Miles traveled: 1787 (and rolling)
Cost of gas: $1.67 / gal
Weather: sunny
Mood: nostalgic
Tunes: Route 66 – Asleep At The Wheel

< !Start right after THIS!>Up early and off to Kansas. We pre-packed our stuff last night. Christine will explain our show mix up in Branson from yesterday – because of that we had a little more time to be 100% ready for today. Enjoy the pool, take more silly tourist pictures, etc.

I took the wheel this morning and headed us back to 44. Tine and I decided to keep to the old 66 route through Kansas. I parked outside the hotel lobby and we went in to ‘check out’, plus look at the breakfast buffet. “Ooh, this looks good – we should sit down.” Ten minutes into breakfast I realize the car is still out front. “We should hit the road – we’re double parked,” I said to Tine. “Kris… We’re not in Manhattan.” “Oh… yeah.” Then I dug back into the eggs.

Out of the Ozark hills and into a little town called Carthage, Missouri. Carthage was the insperation for “Hill Valley” in the “Back to the Future” movies. It was a small detour and Tine was worried if it would be worth the stop. As we turned down W. Main St. I gaped. “Woah, creepy.” They have a huge ornate courthouse with a big clock tower. The wide sidewalks and road design are identical. I have some videos of downtown that will be up at some point. In the meantime here are the pictures.

Into Joplin, Missouri (For those of you who know the song lyrics – Joplin is mentioned.) Parts of the old road are intact here. As I-44 doesn’t bother heading into Kansas. An original concrete arch bridge, painted road surfaces, etc. Blink and you’ll miss Kansas.

In Tulsa, Oklahoma we made a stop at the Metro Diner. Great food – a blast from the past. We both think it’s worth it to find uniqe places to eat on this road trip. From authentic Mexican to toasted sandwiches, anything’s better then a Big Mac w/fries.

We finished the day outside of Oklahoma City. Both of us are pretty beat now. I didn’t even have the time or the energy to finish this post last night. We did however edit and upload pictures. Tomorrow – Another 3 state day; Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico. Woot.

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