Attention Internet Explorer! LEARN CSS!

kill_ie_css.gifI just can’t stand it anymore! IE has no freaking clue as to what cascading stylesheets are trying to accomplish. Two huge things in this picture that killed me tonight.

1. The 1px line off to the right of the side title. Why? The width of .side is 200px. Why is the width of .sidetitle (which is nested INSIDE .side) not the same size? Or better yet, ONE pixel smaller? So now I have to set the width of .sidetitle to 200px and the width of .side to 199px. This makes the .sidetitle push out and fill that farging little annoying gap. Oh, and I know it has to do with absolute positioning, I spent a week on that.

2. My .images sets the border link color to black. Even though the link image is nested inside a div=.images. it still shows up in the “default” colors in IE! I had to add a link=#000000 tag to my body. I should NEVER have to do this with CSS.

IE What is the FRIGGEN deal?!
Kills me!
*pant *pant

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