Cedar Point vs. SF Great Adventure

cedarpoint_mantis.jpgAfter a little GPS mapping problem we were able to find our hotel. You see everything in Cedar Point is called Cedar Point “Something.” Even the streets. So, It’s Cedar Point Park on Cedar Point Drive, in Cedar Point. It’s right past Cedar Point Lanes and the Cedar Point Hotel. You can’t miss it.

The park is great. The weather was great. I can see why it’s listed as one of the worlds best coaster / amusement parks in the world. As a coaster snob afficinado – I think that this park has a lot to offer, but not necessarilly my favorite rides. They are higher and faster, but they seem to lack the ride time of some of the coasters in the East. The Top Thrill Dragster is an amazing ride, yet only 14 seconds. The Millenium Force only has a couple of turns and a few big hills. Maybe some whoopdies, or a tight spiral? I guess they thought dropping you 300 feet was enough. If we were to compare Cedar Point in Ohio to Six Flags Great Adventure in NJ – Park to park, I would give Cedar Point the crown but tell them to watch out. Six Flags Great Adventure is a close second and could soon take that crown in 2005 with the new Kingda Ka ride.


The run down: We tried to compare like to like, based on the age or style of the ride. Some rides don’t have a good counterpart.

Millenum Force or Nitro – Nitro wins. Longer but not taller. I love the upwards spiral. Is is apples to oranges? I don’t think so. Mega, Hyper, Giga?
Top Thrill or Superman – Equal in very different ways. Fly like Superman or drive a Dragster… I chose these to compare for the time being, as they are the “newest” big ride of both parks.
Mean Streak or Rolling Thunder – Mean Streak is better. EDIT I actually got this confused with Gemini?!
Wicked Twister or The Chiller – Wicked Twister is awesome. The Chiller is too loud. Both linear induction. Even though The Chiller is 2 rides (Batman & Robin) They never run them together and one is always down.
Magnum XL-200 or Scream Machine – Equal. Both older style unique coasters. One has a big drop. One loops.
Raptor or Batman – Raptor wins, but it’s no Medusa. There are what – 7 identical Batman rides all over the US. They are cool – but all the same.
Mantis or Medusa – Medusa hands down. I know, I know – one is a standup, one is floorless. It’s my show.
Corkscrew or Viper – Viper, even though it’s closed all the time. :)
Cedar Creek Mine Train or Runaway Mine Train – Equal. It’s the same ride. :p Gotta love the 1970’s Arrow coasters.
Disaster Transport or Skull Mountain – Equal. In the dark and not scary.

Now the gem of the park is a little “kiddie” ride called the Wildcat. It’s a old coaster that is really smooth. Very traditional “around then drop, around then drop” but it was a suprise to me how soft and fun it was. If you want a good “warm-up” ride: Skip Disaster Transport and head to the Wildcat.

Here are the final arguments: In order for Great Adventure to overtake Cedar Point as the worlds best amuzment park.
1. Add giga ride… Check.
2. Add a lot more little kid stuff. CP has a huge park – just for the kiddies. This looks like where they are going with the Golden Kingdom.
3. Pretend you’re as friendly as the mid-west. Come on Jersey!

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  1. raptorboy #

    Ummm……Mean Streak isn’t a steel coaster held up by wood, but Gemini is :)

  2. 2

    Hmm… I know BLUE Streak is a classic wooden coaster. I could have sworn both Gemini and Mean Streak were that way. I must have mixed Gemini up with Mean Streak. Or Mean Streak just knocked me out, and when I awoke – I was on Gemini :)

    Good catch.
    – Kris

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