Colossus Backwards!

colossus backwardsSpent today at Six Flags Magic Mountain. Got to ride on Colossus backwards! They only do this for 4 weeks a year during “Fright Fest.” The picture is the Cyclone train on Colossus with Goliath dropping in the background.

I really can’t describe to you the feeling of riding a wooden coaster backwards. It’s quite a rush! We were stoked when we saw the other train (facing forwards) make it to the lift hill moments after we did. They don’t usually run both tracks at the same time, and they race at the same time even less often. So, it was cool to get this opportunity on video!

This is what Colossus backwards looks like going up the lift hill and over the first drop. It’s a small mpeg that I took with my digital camera. The quality is great though. Click here to leave the other train behind and fall off Colossus backwards! (5MB video mpg)

I’ll have more details about our trip this weekend to be posted later. For now I need some sleep.