Well this morning one more $pammer made me do it. I’ve turned off comments past 30 days on the server. So if it’s more then 30 days past the date I posted, comments are shut off.

This is one step closer to a full disable. I started with MT Blacklist, which is a great program in itself, but now keeping up with comment $pam is an everyday job. See my blacklist.txt and cherrish the 2300+ entries.

Now I’m running that and the MT Close Comments Plugin. Don’t make me set it to zero… :mad:

Update: This seems to have done the trick. Comment sp@m has been cut to zero for the last couple of weeks. I would like to follow Sean’s advice and upgrade my MT version – but I’m planning on doing that when I build a new server and / or move the current one. With jobs and stuff – I just don’t have the time.

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    Doing a full MT upgrade to 3.1 and running the latest MT Blacklist from the 3.1 Plug-In Pack has virtually eliminated all spam for me. Even though MT wants you to pay for a license, I can neither confirm nor deny the fact that the free unsupported 3.1 version allows multiple blogs and authors.

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