Have you ridden standup?

standup_pinch_sm.jpgFor those men who have been on a standup coaster, this T-Shirt needs little introduction. As a male of my species, these rides afford little comfort in the way of the lower half. Loose fitting shorts and boxers will pay the price for riding the standup.

We were in a restaurant the night before our big day at Cedar Point. We were talking about rides with our waiter and he mentioned Mantis. “Just – a – watch out for Mantis.” He said with a bit of nervous hesitation. “Is there something wrong with it?” Christine asked. “Well – not for you – but for us men… The seat is a little um…” “Oh – I get it. Okay, cool.”

My advice: Make sure you get on the ride nice and slow. There’s nothing like getting an oversize bicycle seat in the groin just before going upside down. OOF! Warn others of your kind! Click to here to buy the T-Shirt!

This idea spawned a whole catalog of “fun with safety” ideas. Look for more designs coming soon.

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