Launch of

Just as when a coaster designer picks a system for shooting riders hundreds of feet in the air. I am going to take this project step by step. Careful not to forget anything and careful not to rush and try to put all my ideas and thoughts down in one late night session. I will build, slowly at first. Taking steps up the lift hill. The anticipation growing. Even I am not sure where the ride will take us right now.

The store items will be were I focus most of my attention. I have a zillion T-Shirt ideas and a dozen or so will be good enough to make it to the store. I have some more character work to do. I don’t know – maybe even a comic could be in the works. (Do we need another one?)

I’ve ridden on 8 of the top 10 steel coasters, 2 of the top 10 wooden ones, and spent a lot of time at some great parks across the country. My home park is now Six Flags Magic Mountain and I’ve got a trip to Texas planned in December. I’ve got some great experiences to share. Enjoy them, wont you?