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The mind of a scam artist idiot.
By Kris Marciniak

H’okay. That focking email scanzor is messing up my shit. It’s kicking the back all my citibank emails cause’it scans the textors and shit. Ooh – ooh! I’ll make it a pict. Take that good text that my leet haxor friends gave that shit to me. – Oh fOck! I dropped my sodas all over it. Oh nos – I’ll wipe it off with the water and scanzor that shit. Then I will script down the compressors and makes it small.

I cant believe that this was sent out with the hope that they would have any success. I got this today in my email and it killed me. If you think that this is an ACTUAL email from Citibank. Send ME your pin and credit card number. I’d be happy to take it off your hands. :) Unreal.

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Hardware hacker, technology integrator, and maker. He enjoys staring blankly at code, voiding the warranty, and touching things in the back. When not doing that he is building and racing a rally car.

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10 2004

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    Inert Ramblings

    Citibank Email Fraud Scam

    Do not click on any link in any email masquerading as any financial institution! Instead, if you receive an email from your bank (or PayPal or eBay), manually go to your browser, open up their Web site to login and…

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    So, does that make him a skidiot? ;)

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