California Mileage Tax?!

Much like a bad tax hoax that won’t go away. California’s new chief of the DMV is suggesting where to get the tax money they are losing because of newer fuel efficient vehicles and the Govenator is listening. A proposed GPS device that’s attached to the car and tracks how many miles you travel in California is causing an uproar with privacy groups and political talk shows across the state.

Yeah, but will they do it? Oregon was thinking about the idea last year and will begin a trial usage of a system designed by two engineering professors at Oregon State University. If they are thinking about it enough to pour money into it, sell your Prius now!

We have a lot of bicycle lanes here in Irvine. They are part of the “road way.” It costs money to maintain these lanes just like any other. We should tax bicycles per mile! Why not runners too! You and your fancy bi-pedal locomotion!

I’m not too worried. This is a systems integration nightmare equally double any complex transponder system. What’s to prevent me from leaving my GPS transponder hooked to a 12v battery in my garage? I can see the slashdot articles already.

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    Check out this article – apparently a bunch of other states are actually considering this!
    (Stolen from NESIC – and I know it’s not as “far-thought out” as the GPS CA idea, it’s still been brainstormed…)

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