Super scaredy man.

You would think after adding “Top Thrill Dragster” to your coaster list, you would have no fear. No stomach turning would occur while you looked up at a little shuttle coaster that goes a measly 100 miles per hour. No nervous twitch in your voice when you said – “I don’t know if it’s worth waiting in line for.” Superman Great Escape – SFMM.

My girl dragged me down the ramp to the queue. “You’re going on it.” she said. “Right. Yeah. Of course I AM! I was all along!” We waited in possibly the shortest line in the park. (Sundays in November are great for us coaster freaks!) I had too little time to decide. I had no time to back out, or make excuses. Was I a super man?

Wow. Not as bad as I thought. The ride to 100 is ultra-smooth. The hangtime is great. Going backwards is no more gut wrenching than Deja’Vue. I suprised myself. Why was I scared of this ride? Why was I relieved the last time we came and I saw it wasn’t running? Maybe it just built up the fear. It’s the loudest coaster in the park and it’s not always running. It’s still way up on the top 10 steel coaster rides in America. I think all this contributed. It’s great that after all the coasters I’ve been on, I can still be delightfully scared.

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  1. will #

    Hey, thats cool your still scared of coasters, I mean thats why most of us go on to get scared and feel the thrill. Love the site and your t-shirt ideas, wish there were more.

  2. 2

    Thanks Will,

    I’m currently working on a couple new designs. Hopefully I can get them up there in time for Christmas!

    – Kris

  3. EastCoastDude #


  4. Simon #

    I would say the ‘pussy’ is the person who can’t put their real name, ‘EastCoastDude’, LOL. Nice report again Kris

  5. 5

    Pity is the virture of the law, and none but tyrants use it cruelly. trevor The end crowns all, And that old common arbitrator, Time, Will one day end it.

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