Up and down days.

I believe in the cosmic universe of balance. Where random positives and negatives cancel out to nothing. There is as much white as black, heat as cold, big as small.

I’ve spent the last few days riding the cosmic waves. Starting a temp job that I thought would be boring and tedious, turned into a good challenging full time gig. (awaiting the “official” announcement – i.e. to cash the check) Listing the Subaru in AutoTrader for 3 weeks and getting zero calls, so I popped it on eBay and now have a serious buyer. The boat is lashing to and fro. Hang onto the mast or we’re going swimming!

There was some pretty low fog here this morning and I didn’t see the shiny tangle of sharp metal on the right side of the road until the last second. Shkrrrring! POOF. Thud, thud, thud, THUD, THUD, PULL, OVER, THUD, flap… fwip. I’m like 1/4 mile from work. Shit.

tpt.gifThe rear right tire on the Malibu has a 2″ gash in the sidewall. There is no way I could plug or save the tire. I get back in the car, put the hazards on, and thud to work. I’ll go out during lunch and change over to the spare. I’m glad we just rotated the fronts to the back two weeks ago. I can get away with getting only 1 new tire at $112 mounted and balanced for Christine’s car. This, plus the new job and the sale of the Subaru brings the cosmic tally back to zero.

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