Inexpensive Mac announced at MacWorld.

mac_mini.jpgThis thing is cool. I’ve been thinking about getting a mini PC for the last year now. Upgrade my current beige box into a server. Place it on a rack in the closet with a fresh stack of drives, maybe a RAID device. Take the Firewire, USB 2.0, and second video cards out. Put them gently on the ground and stomp on them.

Macintosh and I are friends. I used to call myself a “Mac Tech” back in the days of the IIsi and PowerPC. Over the years the relationship has fallen apart. The Mac has also never been very “gamer” friendly. You don’t see them lugged to a LAN party with a fresh copy of the latest first person shooter on them. This made the price point hard to swallow. It’s like buying a $50,000 hydrogen fuel cell car. You paid a lot of money for a neat looking reliable car, but you can’t just fill’er up at the Mobil station next door and it’s sometimes a pain in the ass to get parts for it.

So I went for the $500 Honda that I could put anyones motor in, and get a million low cost upgrades for. It runs okay most of the time, gets good mileage, and chugs along. It stalls occasionally and won’t run in the higher altitudes, but it’s been good to me.

The one thing I need is the ability to import and edit DV video. I know that will be 1000X better on a Mac. Unix for me will be a no brainer. I used to be a big LAN gamer but those days are gone. I’m older, more sophisticated now. Maybe it’s time to buy the BMW.

I need to price one out with the super-D-duper DVD toaster drive. As they just announced it the site is slammed. Click here for the complete specs and info on the iMac mini from But I think this is going to be my next computer. Might even get one for the girl too.

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