National Standard for Identifying Milk

I went into a local market today and they had two different brands of milk. Both were labeled 1%, yet one was a purple cap and one had a green cap. I have purchased a bottle of milk with a yellow cap (expecting 1%) and received whole milk.


There. It’s done. I have ended the confusion. I have set forth this image into the public domain for the creation of a milk color standard. We will no longer be confused when inside the market or store. No more puzzlement as to the contents of a container of milk. Nor will we be forced to drink what we didn’t intend to buy. If your grocers milk cap colors vary from this document, please ask them why their milk and dairy distributor is not NSIM (National Standard for Identifying Milk) compliant.

A hi-res .png copy of the NSIM reference is available here.

Public Domain Dedication

The National Standard for Identifying Milk is dedicated to the Public Domain. Some keywords for consideration: red whole, blue 2%, green 1%, yellow skim, milk cap color national standard.