Day trip to San Diego

AutocrossLast week my buddy KC (from Rhode Island) asked me if I lived close to San Diego. “Very close. Why?” “SCCA Autocross National Tour San Diego!” Christine and I have been wanting to take a trip down there, so we planned to make a stop at Qualcomm Stadium and visit with KC and the rest of the crazy autocross guys for the day.

Besides the traffic on the I-5 after a tour bus got crushed, it was a fun trip. We spent about 5 hours in the parking lot of the stadium watching some fast drivers fight for hundreths of a second. I’ve been to an SCCA National Tour event before in Massachusetts and you don’t get to see cars like the Lotus Elise, or Caterham 7’s. “Lot’s of fair weather cars out here.” KC remarked.

I got to use my new lenses to their limit. I received a telephoto and wide angle lens for Christmas. (thanks mom & dad) I personally love the “close up / giant wide lens” look. I had the tripod and it was fairly sunny out – so my 6X shots are pretty crisp. Check them out in the gallery!

In the afternoon Tine and I went out to Coronado. Spent a nice relaxing evening walking around the island. Then we drove around downtown. It reminds me a lot of Portland, Maine… On a sunny summer day in June. :)

1 thought on “Day trip to San Diego

  1. Nice pictures, certainly very crisp.

    KC may have a point about the “Fair Weather” part. I spun my Seven off the road here in the UK after a night freeze left the road a little icy. But on the whole, after you get a seven, you go a little strange, and all weather is good weather… well nearly.

    Sadly no weather like that here yet, but perhaps soon…

    All the best,


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