How to turn off ghost in GT4.

‘Ghost’, or ‘ghost mode’ in GranTurismo 4 (GT4) is a semi-transparent copy of your fastest run around that particular track. It’s designed to let you see your fastest pace around the track while you drive. You can even load other peoples ‘ghost save’ to pace (or outpace) them through the course.

I’m no doubt sure it’s useful, but I can’t stand it. Semi-transparent or not, it’s another car on the track. No matter how many times I’ve tried to convince myself that I can drive right through it, my brain sees it as ‘another car on the track’ and will try to avoid it. So instead of matching my fastest line through the corner, I late apex without thinking so I can dodge the invisible car on the inside.

There used to be a setting that would turn this feature off. After a few hours of searching (It’s not in the manual, or in ‘Settings’.) I found it: Press UP on the Digital pad while driving. The blue dot on the map will go away along with the problems found with racing against yourself.

4 thoughts on “How to turn off ghost in GT4.

  1. Just got the game.Hell yeah the ghost really gives you a headache in in driving tests mode, u cant
    actually scratch some milliseconds for gold, when your view is IN the ghost copy with its
    transparent effect, dude its like a fog.

    Troublesome to have idea of the road or how to manage corners.


  2. Thanks for that! I have to say that GT4’s manual is the most underdone and incomplete manual I have ever come across. So many
    factors of the game feel like shortcuts and cheapen the game, but the ghost cars were my main peeve. They still don’t make good
    AI drivers either, so the only challenge comes from those driving missions.
    Enough bitchin’



  3. This is great. I’m sick of the damn ghost car getting in my way. Great find!!

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