Font smoothing exampleStep one. Turn font smoothing on. No, not you Mac kids… :) In Windows, go to display properties, appearance, and click on the “Effects…” button. Check the box that says “Use the following method to smooth edges of screen fonts:” Select “ClearType” from the drop-down menu. Hit apply.

There, that’s better. I don’t want to hear any complaints like “now my fonts are blurry!” They’re not blurry, they’re smooth. Plus the’re kerned almost right. Meaning “It lo ok s be t t er th an thi s.”

I’ve spent about 4 hours working on the WordPress templates. They use standard tags, but it still took me a while to get planetkris.com sorted. They apply font sizes and types all over the place. Sometimes using “font : Century Gothic” and sometimes “font face : normal 12px Century Gothic.” Sometimes they define the typeface in #content as well as in #body. So even when you change one, you may need to go back and find the other.

Side note: I removed the rallynotes entries and catagory. I added the popcoaster catagory and entries.

popcoaster; Was a stand-alone coaster site of mine that I created in the hopes of selling some of my artwork. Specifically in the form of T-Shirts. Four months of a CafePress paid site, and I got nothing… So the coaster reviews and pictures will be incorporated back into planetkris.com .