Amazon index still broken: Sponge moves to #1

still br0ken...… and the number one Drum & Bass album is [drumroll] ‘Rotting Pinata‘. ;)

Not only is the index still broken after 4 months, but this album has moved to number 1.
How is this possible? I suspect tom-foolery and stupidity:

  • 1. Do they boost albums from a particular artist or record label? Similar to e-Bay content padding. I’m sure EMI is going to sell more records this year then Breakbeat Science.
  • 2. Did they just put the album in the wrong category? Compared to 90’s grunge – the album sucks, but those surveyed would rather hear it then techno.
  • 3. Are any poor saps who want to have teh coolest Drum & Bass collection buying this album without reading the liner notes? Yikes.
  • Has anyone else come across any strange amazon anomalies? Hit the comments.
    I guess I’ll just keep getting my suggestions from bassdrive.