I’m not 100% happy with it – but the site needed a splash of color. I fixed some issues I had with the side menu. It took me about an hour after that to get it working in IE. I know that I may get inspired and re-design it in a month. Or it could stay like this for a year. I was frustrating Christine last night with the creative process. I get some techno, photoshop, cheez-it’s and about 50 text windows going; and I’m unstoppable until around 2:00am. Sorry girl.

The background is a technique I’ve used before. I like the little anomalies that show up when you create a zero jpeg. Base color; Add noise; More color; Pixelate; Save for web – jpg quality set to zero.

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Hardware hacker, technology integrator, and maker. He enjoys staring blankly at code, voiding the warranty, and touching things in the back. When not doing that he is building and racing a rally car.

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