Kicking the ol’style sheets.

Christine's SiteI finished moving Tine’s site to WordPress last night. I moved the data over from MT a while ago, and only now had a chance to sit down and whip up a template. The first one I did was for planetkris and the second was for rallynotes. As far as page complexity, rallynotes is a repeating background and two nested tables in HTML. :) I made Christine’s site a little more colorful and tweaked some other things.

Unlike MT, I have some idea of what WP is doing in the background. I can at any point, open up the PHP hood and tweak a few settings. All of the templates use the same CSS tags, so if I see something on a forum or another site I like, I can grab it and tweak it into my home.

I found a sweet as in free GNU CSS editor called JustStyle CSS Editor over at It shows all the CSS tags possible in a list, so you can quickly hunt down what you want to change, or remember the more obscure tags like ‘background-attachment’.

Side note – some of you may have seen that Matt from recently got pWn3d by Google for hosting hundreds of hidden indexed pages off of’s site. I still love WP and I’m still loyal – but I removed the default WP link off the bottom of all of my pages.

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