Old? No… Old school!

The classic.I need to scrounge the eco-yards for one of these. The thing had a beam scanner the size of a loaf of bread inside. I’ve worked on a few in my day and we got into a ‘how old are you by what hardware you’ve worked on’ type discussion at work. This occured naturally because my cubicle was happybirthdaybombed with sparkles, streamers and balloons. Any good geek will tell you the most they’ve ever paid for the least ammount of HDD. Example: I once bought a 250MB for $270. Another favorite is the first computer they hacked. Example: I turned my Atari 400 into an alarm system for my room. God I loved solid state controllers!

2 thoughts on “Old? No… Old school!

  1. My first PC had an 80MB that was a $300 upgrade. Happy birthday way late, catching up on both of your lives.

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