I was probably on the internet before you.

rec.aviation.ultralight newsgroup post I did. Found on google. Dated November 13th 1995.

Christine passed her PreQualifingExam today! w00t! We went out to celebrate and she told me about a conversation she had with one of the organizers. “Wasn’t this supposed to be two full weeks after finals?” She asked. “Where did you read that?!” The organizer asked. “On the programs UCI website…” “Oh, no one ever read that… Until your class.”

I suggested that Tine let them know that from now on, all of their students had access to the Internet in High School. So they should consider what they put up on their site and consider keeping it current.

I wrote a script to port FirstClass BBS messages back and forth from usenet – I have a strong feeling that was sent from my BBS. No search for ‘PCMacNet’ turned up anyhting relevent. Brake out the Hayes Accura 14.4, we’re using WinSock to make a PPP connection to the World Wide Web!

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