This or 10 months of winter?

My First Quake

My monitors lurched twice and the glass door shook behind me. I am no longer a virgin. :p

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Hardware hacker, technology integrator, and maker. He enjoys staring blankly at code, voiding the warranty, and touching things in the back. When not doing that he is building and racing a rally car.

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06 2005

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  1. R Marciniak #

    Truth is it’s only 7 months of Winter, 2 months of bad sledding, 6 weeks of mud, 2 weeks of Black Flies and
    1 solid month of Summer which is usually interrupted only by 4 Category 2, 3 Category 3 and 1 Category 5 Hurricanes.
    The most damage that’s done is by tourists who when they get home they tell their friends and neighbors how
    great the Lobsta’ sandwich was at McDonalds! Go Figure…


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